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Director of the YTCi

 Dave Spenceley TSTA

YTCi - International Training  Programme

Yorkshire Training Centre International - Leeds

What is TA? -  The Introduction to TA - the “101 course” seeks to answer:

Introduction to TA - (TA 101 course) - May 4/ 5th 2016

TA Foundation Course - one year course (8 modules plus the 101 course)

Diploma in TA applications - A nationally certified course (UKATA)

CTA Psychotherapy Training leading to UKCP registration


TA Leadership and Executive Coaching course - DGTA Certified two year training training

Advanced TA Coaching and leadership training

Supervision and CTA exam preparation - This small advanced TA training group meets each month - 18 days in each year.

TA psychotherapy and coaching for individuals, couples and groups

(Note when not in the UK skype is used to maintain the frequency of individual sessions.)

Summer school -  in Bulgaria - Golden Sands 15 - 18   July

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Uta Höhl TSTA

Coaching Course Director

Transactional Analysis (TA)

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